Happy Hoodie 2 Pack from Zoni Pets, LLC

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Product Description

bulldoggifts are happy to offer the brilliant Happy Hoodie 2 Pack.

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Manufacturer Description

Large size fits most all dog breeds- Extra large breeds such as a Mastiff to Med/Sm breeds such as a Schnauzer, Cocker, Shih Tzu etc. and cats. Smaller size fits Med/ sm size dogs to toy breeds and cats. Happy Hoodie is an expandable, soft, lightweight, safe, comfortable fabric band that is placed over a pets ears to provide relief and protection from the loud noise and forceful air associated with force drying. It's gentle compression creates a swaddling effect and reduces noise, which almost immediately calms upset, disagreeable pets, thus greatly improving their behavior! A calmer pet makes for a safer environment and saves us A LOT of time and frustration with the drying process. Created by Groomers, Happy Hoodie was originally developed to provide a kinder, safer and less stressful force drying experience for pets. It proved to be so helpful in relieving anxiety that now it's used during ANY part of grooming that can turn a sweet, precious angel into a little stinker or a shivering bundle of nerves. Happy Hoodie also helps reduce stress at home and at the Vets. It can calm pets during Thunderstorms, Fireworks, examinations, car rides and many other situations that may upset a pet. Other uses include : Keeps ear canals exposed for aeration (important for dogs with ear infections) Holds long ear and face hair out of food and water bowls. Helps keep ear canals dry for "swimmers". Can prevents ear hematomas (caused by excessive head shaking) Dogs differ in what is effective in providing relief when they are upset. When using Happy Hoodie in the home for reducing stress, it offers a natural method of combating anxiety that has proven to be very effective in dogs that are responsive to swaddling. Since it reduces sound, if noise is the stressor, Happy Hoodie is your ear muff answer! We (and your four-legged friends) thank you for using Happy Hoodie!

Product Features

Gentle compression reduces noise and has a swaddling effect that calms and comforts pets, relieving fear, ( and even the occasional aggressive behavior), that can be associated with Force Drying. It's a Force Drying MIRACLE! Check out YouTube video. Contributes to the safety of both pet and Groomer/Parent. Comes in 2 sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. Large size fits most all dog breeds, from extra large breeds such as a Mastiff to Med/Sm breeds such as a Schnauzer, Cocker, Shih Tzu etc. and cats =)!! Smaller size fits Med/ sm size dogs to toy breeds and cats. Saves valuable time (and frustration) in the Grooming Salon or Home by calming upset, disagreeable or sensitive dogs for other things we do to them that they consider irritating, like: toenail clipping, clipper work, brushing, etc. Requires little time, effort and cost to use. Long-lasting and fully washable. On the market for over 4 years, used by thousands, Happy Hoodie is proven and praised by groomers and home owners alike for the AMAZING difference it makes!

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